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What does success look like?

When we first started At The Listening House, I have to confess that I was quite naïve about success and how to achieve it. I had considered myself to be fairly successful all of my life, in terms of jobs and career. I'd worked hard and was happy with the results.

So when it came to the imagined success of the business we were launching, I had visions of us being an "overnight success" and thousands of members flocking to our doors. I imagined giving up my "other job", the one that allowed me to keep a roof over my head and feed myself and the demanding feline...

And of course, it didn't turn out like that. And I'm actually really happy that it didn't. The journey that we have been on has been incredibly important and we've learned so much along the way. The Beths were really proud to be one of Theo Paphitis's Small Business Sunday winners this year, and we were invited to attend a conference hosted by Theo, with guest speakers, and sponsors, where we could benefit from advice given as well as have the opportunity to network and meet some amazing people. It has given us an amazing boost, with lots of inspiration to continue to move our business forward and grow. And I realised during the conference that "growth" was another word that was worth re-evaluating the meaning of...

We constantly review, re-assess, shift and grow, and sometimes it can be easy to fall into the trap of complacency. That's ok, that's part of life, just as long as we recognise that and ensure that we have inspiration points along the way that give us a real boost.

So do I feel that we've been successful? Absolutely yes, no question about it. Does my vision of success look different right now to how it has previously. Also yes. And I absolutely wouldn't have it any other way.

Thank you for listening.

*if you enjoy the themes of these musings and would like to learn more, or join in similar conversations, please head over to The Listening House.

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