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New Year - new me?

It's New Year's Eve today, for many a time for reflection over the last year and establishing resolutions for the upcoming year. I'm not necessarily a fan of typical resolutions (go to the gym more, eat less chocolate etc) which always seem to fall under the "I'm not good enough as I am" category. I also believe in growth everyday, not just for the new year.

I have however got a new hobby that I am planning on starting tomorrow, which is bullet journalling (BuJo for those in the know!). The general idea is to use it however you see fit, and what works for you. Many use it to track habits, keep to-do lists in one place, and to be creative.

So sitting down to plan out what I would like to track has been an interesting exercise, and funnily enough, exercise and eating healthily have come into it. But it feels different. I don't intend to beat myself up, at this stage I'm curious as to what I do achieve and, most importantly, HOW I can motivate myself to achieve the things that I know are important to me.

Interestingly I am feeling a little nervous going into this new year, as I'm so determined and I really don't want to let myself down. Maybe that's habit and maybe I could do with reframing it a bit. As with all things it's about balance and choice...

Thank you for listening.

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