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It’s all going on

This morning, Beth Number 2 (as she is affectionately known) witnessed the precious first moments of life of 10 baby ducklings, born in a tree in her garden. The mother (Daphne as we call her) had been nesting for the last 3 weeks and we knew birthing was imminent. Beth witnessed the ducklings take their first steps, and even rescued the 4 left in the nest and reunited them with Daphne, as she took off with the rest of her brood in search of water.

The whole experience was just joyful and could easily have been missed, had Beth not decided to go out into the garden at that specific moment.

Which has left me feeling that there are joyful things that happen in the world all the time, at any given moment. We may not witness them, and often it is just down to happenstance if we do. It is often the sad, horrific and traumatic events that get publicised and socialised, and it’s great to remind ourselves how much joyful stuff is going on all of the time. I’m pretty sure the ducklings will stay in my mind, and heart, for quite some time…

Thank you for listening.

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