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Hello, nice to meet you (Part II)

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

I took my friend’s dog out for a walk today. Bless her, she was so well behaved, I felt comfortable enough having her off the lead when we were on the recreation ground. She returned to me each time I called her, except for when another dog was chasing a ball and the excitement was just too much.

So obviously I followed her over to where the other dog was playing, and of course struck up a conversation with the dog owner. It was really lovely. All we talked about was dogs and still it was a really pleasant social interaction. I walk frequently on the rec, mostly without dog, and honestly feel that it’s only socially acceptable to strike up conversation when it’s dog-related (hello, can I pet your dog, your dog is really beautiful etc).

Isn’t that odd? That we humans cannot (or maybe choose not to) converse with other humans without there being a “socially acceptable“ reason for doing so? I love a great conversation and yet hardly ever feel comfortable striking one up with a stranger. And I don’t believe it’s the “stranger danger” potential that is preventing me. I wonder if it is a predominantly British affliction or whether all humans suffer from it. (I know that in other countries - New Zealand from experience- people are a lot more willing to say hello at least). I wonder if now I’ve identified it, I’ll change my behaviour…(just thinking about it kind of makes me feel a bit trembly to be honest). I reckon I would definitely benefit from more polite, kind, respectful social interaction. We possibly all would.

I’ll keep you posted and thank you for listening.

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