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This weekend, amongst all the joy and celebrations of the Coronation, we lost this beautiful little piggie.

I'd never met her in person, as she lived on a wonderful pig sanctuary in North Carolina, but she had a very firm place in my heart from the moment I saw the very first pictures of her, when they rescued her. She was born without hooves, and they were hoping to be able to get prosthetic ones for her; sadly her life was cut short before this could happen. The sanctuary, Sisu, do such amazing work and provide such incredible care and love for these beautiful creatures, and are really good at involving those who care, so I felt like I really knew Hannah. I loved her so much, and still do.

And for that reason, it is very important to me that I acknowledge my sadness and allow my grief to have its place. I have lost loved ones in the past and know that I have not allowed myself to grieve properly, and that has taken a toll on my mental and physical wellbeing. I have intentionally done a lot of research into grief over the last few years, as it is something we are all most likely to face at one point or another, and I believe not something that we in the Western world are particularly good at.

So I shall take the time and space that I need to allow my grief for Hannah to flow. Not everyone will understand it, and that's ok. Grief is a very personal thing. I know how important she was, and is, to me. And how important it is for me to acknowledge my grief. And as always, I will choose to do what is right for me.

RIP darling Hannah. You are forever in my heart 🐽

Thank you for listening.

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