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Blue blue what can I do

So today was what is known as Blue Monday. The title was coined by a travel company in 2005 to describe “the most depressing day of the year” in the Northern Hemisphere and is apparently a direct equation taking into account weather conditions.

It’s an interesting concept and to be honest it certainly made me feel a little less fed up today, knowing there was apparently a reason for my fed-up-ness. Of course, this then begs the question: am I only ok with feeling fed up when someone else tells me it’s ok to feel fed up?

I know that I have now reached the stage in my life and my self-development/personal growth journey to allow myself to feel whatever I am feeling. If I ever question myself about how I am feeling, it is merely out of curiosity as opposed to any desperate need to understand, or to beat myself up. And I do not seek validation. Which is a blessed relief because all of that searching and desperation is exhausting, and yes, I speak from bitter experience.

And yet somehow I did feel a little lighter today knowing that once this day was over, we’re one step closer to the end of January, the end of a grey winter and that one step closer to summer and long days.

I also did the things that I know are good for my soul today - going out for a walk (because actually the sky was beautiful and blue and the sun was out for a while), having a bop around my living room to a favourite song (today’s was a throwback to my Duran Duran-loving teenage years), and making sure I got good nutrition into my body (my favourite healthy smoothie). That was my choice. I could equally have chosen to sit in my wallow-hole and eat chocolate. Neither of those options is the “right” one - just an option and today I chose the former.

So tonight I’ll go to bed a little brighter than I did last night. And who knows what tomorrow will bring. How exciting!

Thank you for listening.

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