I have noticed recently that anytime I am asked to do something that I don’t know how to do, my first instinct, the one I feel above all else, is fear. I was asked by Beth 2 (during one of our wonderfully curious conversations) what it was exactly that I was afraid of. I pondered for a few minutes and realised that I was afraid of letting myself down, given I naturally tend towards perfectionism. In the past this has held me back somewhat. Either I’ve chosen not to do things where there is a chance I may not have a “perfect“ outcome, or the fear has caused stress and anguish by me allowing it to become the driver. This brought to mind a brilliant piece written by Elizabeth Gilbert (of Eat Pray Love fame), where she talks to Fear:

What I chose to do this last time it happened to me, only last week actually, was to acknowledge that I had fear. I chose to tell another person that I was scared because I didn’t know how to do what was being asked of me (in this particular case it was making a fascinator). Each of us will have a different way of how we choose to deal with fear, and this may vary depending on the situation; however the point is to only let fear sit in the back seat and never ever to let it drive the car…

Thank you for listening.

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