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Why The Listening House was created

Everyday life can be stressful and we could all benefit from having someone to listen to us as we share what's on our minds.

Whilst we may believe that we already have people in our lives who listen to us, it may be that these people are distracted by external influences, too emotionally invested, or quick to jump in with their own experiences and feelings.


At The Listening House, our definition of listening is to take the time and effort to hear someone talk, without judging them or interrupting with our own thoughts and feelings.


Once someone has been listened to, they can then feel the value of being truly heard.

We know from experience that this can lead us to feel:

like we matter


"it's perfectly ok for me to feel the way I do and that there is nothing wrong with me"

free from stored emotion

inspired to move forwards with confidence

What is The Listening House?

Simply put, The Listening House is a membership for your mental wellbeing.

Many of us will invest in our physical wellbeing, for example by purchasing a monthly gym membership - we are now realising the importance of a similar investment in our mental wellbeing.

Our online house has many different "rooms" that offer a variety of different services. For example, you can have a one to one session in the Listening Loft, take part in weekly group chats in The Hub, or simply refer to the many resources that can be found in the Inspiration Station. You can find full details of what each room offers by clicking on the green buttons below the video.

The beauty of The Listening House is that it is private. All members agree to adhere to the house rules that centre around kindness and respect. Therefore you can be assured that you will not be judged here.

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