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A membership for your mental wellbeing

Yes, if you:

  • feel that you could do with a little support with life in general

  • are interested in exploring your emotions and feelings

  • enjoy having fascinating conversations

There are several rooms within the house, each with a different purpose. Our rooms are used for weekly support group meetings, monthly talks, one-to-ones and we have a library of reference materials.
Check out the rooms below to gain a sneak peek into each of them.

What goes on in
the house?

Where is the house?

It's right here! As it is online, it can be accessed from wherever you are, via a monthly membership. See below for details on how to join.

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Via the video below, we invite you to come inside and take a look.

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How to access The Listening House?

Access is via a monthly membership. With no fixed term contract, you can cancel at any time.

including our 'come and try for 1 month' option

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Communication, connection and conversation

"Our desire is for the house to become a valued community of support, kindness and respect. It bridges the gap between what we feel comfortable talking to our loved ones about and what we may require the help and advice of trained therapists for. We are simply human beings, reaching out and connecting with other human beings."

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Be truly heard

The Beths
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